Your wellbeing matters

I'm Haz, a multi-disciplinary therapist based in London

My mission is to help people progress as individuals

Prestige Award Winner - Holistic Therapy Services of the Year 2023/24

What I can help with

I help people from all walks of life address life's most pressing problems

How I can help

I combine the best from multiple disciplines of therapy, in order to have the best chance of helping you.
This includes Hypnotherapy, Holistic therapy and Rapid Transformational Therapy


We delve into your ingrained, subconscious thoughts in a deeply relaxed state, to find the root of issues

Rapid Transformational Therapy

Rapid transformational therapy tackles core self-beliefs that are impeding on you living the life you wish to lead

Holistic Therapy

Holistic therapy is a combined technique which merges traditional therapy with hypnotherapy

50% more effective therapy

Hypnotherapy techniques have found to be 50% more effective than traditional therapy. This is because hypnotherapy tackles the core underlying beliefs that cause many of our problems, rather than dealing with the problem at a surface level only. You can learn more when you visit the Services page.


faster than traditional therapy


more effective than traditional therapy

About me

My mission is to help others progress as individuals

I am developing my own style of holistic therapy whereby, I bring together the best of all of the therapy models to deliver sessions that can truly be fulfilling, immensely beneficial and positively transformative to those who participate. Best wishes.

RTT therapist Hypnotherapist Holistic Therapist

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