Significance of positive parenting

Why is positive parenting important?

The best gift for your child

Every therapist knows the answer to this question. Because most of our problems have roots in our childhood and the type of parenting we have had. If you were lucky enough and have had a good parenting, you would grow into an adult with few mental health issues.

When a client comes to a therapist with any issue, the root of the problem is invariably in the past events that had occurred in your childhood. More than 90 percent of our mental health issues have taken roots from the time you are in your mother’s womb until the age of around 15. Yes it is right.

New computer

When a baby is born, it is like a new computer you bought from the store. It comes with basic software in order that you can switch it on and begin to download new applications. Same way we are born with some natural survival instincts such as to feel hungry, to find mothers breasts, to cry and so on.

All the rest are gradually programmed into the baby’s brain just as you would download necessary applications such as microsoft word, excel etc. into your personal computer.

How is the baby’s brain programmed? It depends on the environment it is growing with: the parents, the carers, the family, the larger family, the school, the teachers, the peers, the friends, the TV, the news, the social media and so on.

So by now you know the significance of parenting and the influence you have on the life of your child.

The problem is that the baby absorbs everything that is happening around whether good or bad. As a parent, you have a huge responsibility to ensure your child is exposed to right kind of experiences.

The best gift

So the best gift you can give to your child is to learn how to be a good parent and to practice what you learn.

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