Relationships and your growth

Importance of your relationships

It is a pity that most of us are fed up of the stressful relationships in our lives. We have constant friction with our spouses, our children, our colleagues and our family members. Everybody is trying to run away from one another. Husband is trying to run away from wife and wife from husband. The employee gets fed up with the boss and is looking for greener pastures. The parent is getting frustrated with his or her child for not ‘listening’ to them and so on.


We are all therefore trying to run away from one another or from one experience to another not knowing that the secret to our personal and spiritual growth lies in hanging on to the relationships despite conflict and friction, not knowing that conflict and challenges are just the seeds of our own development that can bear wonderful fruits providing you understand the secrets of the purpose and meaning of the conflict and be patient with it.

Don’t run away

So don’t run away. Hang on there. Be patient. See the meaning and purpose behind every conflict. Soon you will see wonderful results.

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