Why can’t I change my habits?

Undesirable habits

Many of us develop habits during the course of our lives. Some are desirable and some are not. Say, habits such as smoking, binge drinking, gambling, womanising, procrastinating, worrying, not doing anything and so on to name a few.

No wonder in the deepest of your own self, you are not happy about the undesirable habits. May be you know that they are not benefiting you. And you genuinely want to change them, but you can’t! Why? Can you guess?

Subconscious mind

Human mind is designed to store information, to store the tasks that are to be repeated in future. Any task that is repeated certain number of times get templated and stored in our mind for future use to reduce the memory capacity of the brain to be used at a certain point of time. It is same the RAM of your computer.

Your subconscious mind stores tasks that you have repeated many times, so that it becomes automatic to save the hassle of learning it again and again. Suppose you are learning car driving. In the beginning it looks very difficult as you have to consciously remember every step. Once you have had a number of driving lessons, the driving task gets templated into your brain. Once you repeated all required manoeuvres certain number of times, you pass the driving test and it gets templated into your brain and next time you drive the car, you don’t need to consciously remember the process. It becomes automatic for you!

In the same way, your good and bad habits get templated into your subconscious mind. Once they get into your subconscious mind, it becomes very hard to remove them. Only a therapist who can work with your subconscious mind using hypnosis can help you.

Get help

If due to poor parenting experiences or due to poor peer group influence, you have developed some undesirable habits, and you are unable to get rid of them, please get professional help.

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