What is hypnosis?

We have two minds. One is conscious mind and the other is subconscious mind. We use our conscious mind for our day to day conscious activities, like direct talking, working, doing our chores etc. This is the mind we are consciously aware of.

However subconscious mind is the deepest part of the mind that stores our programs, conditioning, habits, beliefs and blueprint for running our life. 90 percent of our life is controlled by this part of the mind. But we have no control of this mind. This is the reason it is hard to change our habits and conditioning. For the same reason it is hard to change people.

Hypnosis is a tool that a trained therapist uses to access your subconscious mind to change undesirable beliefs and habits. When this happens you are in a complete relaxed state and also in full control of yourself  and conscious. Using hypnosis, you can bring positive transformation in your life, you can improve your confidence, self-esteem, change your undesirable habits etc. It is completely safe and it will result in a very positive impact on your life.

This is a very powerful therapeutic tool surpassed by no other therapeutic method.

It can be used to resolve issues that have been bothering you for a long time and or to simply improve your performance in your life.

These quotes are not just quotes. They are deeply meaningful gems which symbolize great significance for your life. Please read and digest the meaning. In case of questions about them, please contact me for understanding them more.

True happiness comes from helping others using your passion.

Nothing, no one, no virus or bacteria, no obstacle can touch you if you learn that the source of your strength and happiness is within you.

Within you is the purest intrinsic innocence of a child that has been buried deep by the world. Seek it for all your wealth.

The content inside you is constantly being projected on to the world you view like a film projector. A wise person takes care of the content.

Throw these guests out. Lest they infest and infect your life: Anger, Anxiety, Craving, Fear, Guilt, Grief, Hate, Worry and their other family members.

Fears: Learn to deal with your fears as half of your life energy is drained off due to fears.

Believe what your conscience says. Believe in nothing else.

A wise person knows everything exists for a reason: Darkness to show the value of light. Disease to show the blessing of health. Evil to show the sweetness of compassion. And that there is no meaning of the latter without the former.

If you are a parent or teacher or preacher, please know that God has recruited you to teach love to young people and therefore to bring a positive difference to the world.

The secret of true wealth and health of a nation: Act as if you are God. God loves and gives to everyone without any discrimination irrespective of caste, colour, creed, religion.

There is no other sweet intoxication than filling love in the hearts of everyone including your perceived opponents.

Universe may create difficult situations around you to make you strong and also to give you a chance to bring a positive difference to the world.

Nurture love rather than hate. Transmit good news rather than bad news. Build bridges of love rather than enmity.

Love is the most powerful energy that can win over anyone or anything. Simply fill your entire being with love towards all humanity no matter what race or religion.

The secret of happiness, health and wealth is nurture positive emotions and transmit positive energy.

You are the beloved child of the Universe. Have absolute trust that Universe will take care of you come what may.

Pain in your body is a message to take action to fix an illness. Unhappiness in your life is a message to correct something that is not right.

Your wisdom reflects in how you respond when you are challenged by life or by others.

True health: True riches are the ones you can carry within you always: kindness, compassion, forgiveness, trust, understanding and empathy and brotherhood for all humanity.

When your actions cause pain to another you are hurting them and to their parents and to the parents of their parents and to the ultimate parent: the God, the Universe and whole humanity.

Calling names or judging another behind their backs is a sure way to lay a foundation to the destruction of valuable relationships.

Don’t be excited by good things happening in your life or depressed by bad things happening in your life. Like clouds they will pass soon leaving a clear blue sky. Stay calm like a peaceful unchanging blue sky and witness the passing clouds.

When you transcend your illusions, delusions, assumptions and judgments then you connect with the divine soul.

Beware of your every thought, every word, and every action; These are being transmitted into the Universe for processing and subsequent reflection and return to you according to their energy.

The easiest and cheapest way to contribute to society is simply do one good deed everyday or pass one good word around everyday or at least not do the opposite.

Difficult people in your life unknowingly give you valuable lessons to learn.

Are you trying to control others? Close your eyes for a few seconds and see if you can control and stop your thoughts. Can you? No? Then how can you control others?

People change only when they are ready for transformation. So don’t waste your time trying to change others.

Happiness will befriend you the moment you let go your need to change others.

When we get angry with the actions of X, Y or Z, the problem is not with them but within ourselves.

When someone makes mistakes. There are two ways to react: One with compassion and the other with resentment and animosity. Which one Angels will choose?

You have the power to subjugate any of your undesirable habit or subconscious drive or urge or conditioning by repeatedly observing them and overriding them using your conscious mind.

Challenging people bring direct or indirect benefits. Do not reject them.

Beware, Life slips very fast; if you are not careful; You may miss some wonderful opportunities to cherish certain sweet things.

Universe sends messages to you in a very subtle ways. Be tuned in carefully. There is a message in every different and difficult situation.

If I have the power to communicate with the whole world, one message I want get across every parent, every community, every school, every nation, every president or prime minister is this. Please never underestimate your power to make or break the life of your child. Because all of you have influence the life of every child, and thereby influence their lives, and thereby change the society and thereby change the world.

A child is like blank slate on which you can write the child’s life story. Without much going about this, I want to share some basic parenting tips which can bring significant changes in the life of the child and the world.

First things first. The starting point is love. Love, love and love only. For the child to feel secure, to feel attached, to bond with you, to learn to love, to learn to reciprocate love, to grow, to survive, the child needs love and caring. This is not negotiable.

Next is the caring and nurturing. Care for your child consistently. Fulfil their needs both their biological and emotional needs consistently. For the child to grow into a caring person, the child needs to be cared for.

Provide a positive environment around the child. Never forget that a child is like a sponge and keeps absorbing information all around them. Child can absorb both negative and positive information. What do you want the child to learn. Just do it yourself. For example, if you want your child to be loving, be a loving spouse yourself. Then your child can grow to be a loving spouse. if you keep squabbling with your family members, having friction with them, if you are being negative in your interactions, that is what the child is going to pick.

Be compassionate with your child. Be with them when they are upset. Teach them to handle their emotions. Take their upset and be their container. Containment is a key aspect on how to deal with emotions. When they learn to handle their emotions well, they grow up into a wise person who can deal with any emotion easily without impacting their and other’s lives. Don’t you see the violence in the world? It is all because one is not able to handle their emotions and they take it out on others.

Teach them good values. What is important in life? Money, materials, jobs, properties, status, luxuries, fame ……..? What do you think will give true happiness? Where do you think happiness comes from? From outside stuff or from deep within?

Be like a friend to your child. For them to listen to you, listen to them first. Respect them as a person. Connect with them. Without this connection, you will never develop a healthy relationship with your child and your child will not be able to develop a healthy relationship when they grow to be adults.

Be careful with your words. Words are powerful. Everything you utter is going to be taken seriously by the child. Your words repeated consistently can seep into the child’s subconscious mind and become deep-rooted. Once deep rooted, they become beliefs. These beliefs run their lives. And then it is very hard to change them. Familiar with the things and habits you want to change and cannot?

Many parents seek help from me when it is too late. The things you can do from the very beginning of your child’s life are so simple and easy to do, only if you learn how to do it. Growing a child is like building a house from the very foundation and brick by brick. When the foundation is weak and the bricks are not placed and adhered properly, the building will invariably going to crumble and fall.

Don’t ignore this task of caring the child. You can be the architect of their lives. You can contribute to a positive world and make this world a better place. For more information and help, please contact me. I am more than willing to help.