How to know if you need help and guidance

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If any of the following seems familiar to you, it means that you have some underlying unconscious issues that need to be resolved:

You often feel one or more of the following thoughts or ideas: ‘I am useless’, ‘I am not good enough’, ‘I am rubbish’

You seem to be successful in life; but deep down; you feel unhappy, dissatisfied, feel something ‘lacking’ or empty.

Most of the times, you are unable to control your emotions

You find it hard to sustain relationships

You do not easily trust others

You are easily upset by others and situations.

You want to change your life, your habits, but you cannot.

You get easily stressed, triggered, upset and helpless.

You often end up with friction in your dealings with family and friends.

You have inexplicable discomfort or ailment that does not seem to be cured by any medication or treatment.

You suffer from chronic illness; you seem to be involved in frequent ‘accidents’ or ‘mishaps’

You crave for appreciation or approval of others.

You try to control every aspect of your life.

You don’t love yourself, you feel inferior.

You feel guilty about your past mistakes.

You always worry about past mistakes and future.

You have lots of fears.

You have trouble understanding, expressing, feeling your emotions and handling them.

You try to prove how good you are, how rich you are, how better you are in comparison with the other

  • You suffer from one or more of the following emotions:
  • Highly agitated and full of apprehension.
  • Agonizingly alone
  • Sexually frustrated
  • Almost unbearably needy
  • Powerfully angry
  • Sad, with a deep sense of loss
  • Full of hatred
  • Ashamed or humiliated
  • Painfully envious
  • Intensely jealous

You regularly have conversations with people ‘in your head’ where you attempt to prove that they are wrong and you are right.

You get angry with someone, in an inappropriate way.

You oscillate between extremes of good and bad

You have big shifts from highly positive to extremely negative emotions about important relationships

You have big fluctuations in the perception of other people

You abruptly move a person from a pedestal to trash overnight

You have black and white thinking

You falling in and out of love quickly

You drop partner as soon as you see that they are not perfect

You admire your friends and despise your enemies with passion

You suffer from intense and volatile feelings

You become powerfully attached to or fixated upon people

You idealize romantic partners

You repeatedly become enthusiastic about new people and then suddenly lose interest in them