Depending on the depth of the issue and how long you have been suffering from, it may take 6 sessions or more. On an average, my clients may need 6 sessions. In some cases, one or two sessions will suffice. But it depends on various factors as each person is unique and their life has unique journey.

  • Anxiety,  Depression, low self-confidence, low self-esteem
  • Phobias, fears, fear of exam, fear of flying, fear of other objects
  • Obesity or weight management, smoking cessation, addictions, insomnia
  • Unexplained pains or ailments*
  • Changing unhelpful beliefs and habits
  • Developing spirituality and mindfulness for a fulfilling life
  • Developing healthy relationships and positive parenting skills

A combination of coaching, psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Past life regression, Rapid Transformational therapy, Emotion code, Body code, Energy healing and spiritual guidance together with homework will be used as required. Different tools will be used depending on the requirement.

Normally the duration of a standard single session lasts about an hour. A full RTT session or a past life regression therapy session lasts about 2-3 hours. If a session lasts more than an hour and the extra time takes half an hour, the charge will be applied on pro-rata basis. If you book a package, you will not be charged for any extra time up to half an hour.

A typical session = First 20 minutes - talking and listening to client. Next 30 minutes hypnotherapy or other tools as required. Last 15 minutes - recovery and questions. These times can vary depending on the tool being used and the type of the therapy. RTT full session normally lasts up to 2 and half to 3 hours

The results vary from condition to condition and person to person and on various factors. People are unique. No two persons have similar life journey. Some change quickly, whereas some others take time to change. Some are very diligent in doing their home work and willing to work hard to see results. I have many clients like this. Where as some are slow and some are reluctant to do homework, in which case results can take a bit longer. In some conditions  the results are quicker. I had one client who stopped smoking from next day. One client got rid of fear of heights in two sessions.

Different people will respond to hypnosis or other tools in different ways. Some are very receptive and respond very quickly. For some it may take some time. You may have noticed, the stage hypnotist selects some people from audience and he or she, after conducting some tests, discards some people and retains those who are highly responsive. The therapist will assist you to respond to hypnosis eventually. In such cases, it may take extra time. The more you are open and have faith in the process, easier it will be.

Once you choose a package after initial consultation, you may pay the relevant fee to the account stated in the intake form or as provided by the therapist.

Hypnotherapy works with subconscious mind. All our habits (that you wish to change), beliefs and imprints (that are limiting your life) are stored in our subconscious mind and they are on autopilot, which we means that we do not have control on them and unable to change those imprints that are not helpful to us. A hypnotherapist can access your subconscious mind and help you to replace the unhelpful beliefs with helpful beliefs, help you to reframe. your beliefs and helps you to change your habits. Hypnosis is the best tool to access your subconscious mind and change it for better.

RTT enables you to unravel your past that created your limiting beliefs by using hypnosis. Once you witness the causative event and the beliefs created around it, RTT tools enable to your to quickly change your limiting beliefs.

Mostly the sessions are very relaxing and enjoyable. The therapist will enable you to unload your feelings and make you feel lighter. Different tools can be used to bring change. In case of hypnotherapy, the therapist will relax you using hypnotic tools so that you become calmer and more relaxed. You will feel very lighter and peaceful. It is like meditation. Your brain goes into Alpha state - a calm and relaxed state, which is good for your brain, mind and body and for your well-being.

After a deep regression session, you may feel tired, but it will be an exhilarating experience. There are no side effects whatsoever.

Sessions are held via Zoom video calls or 'in person'.

'In person' sessions are slightly expensive due to the cost of rent of the therapy rooms especially if the therapy rooms are located in the city.

Our therapy room locations:

  1. Canning Town (for East London clients) - no extra charge
  2. Abbey Wood (for South Easts London clients) - no extra charge
  3. Mottingham (for South London clients) - no extra charge
  4. City of London (for London clients) - £30 extra charge for therapy room rent

  1. Canning Town (for East London clients) - no extra charge
  2. Abbey Wood (for South Easts London clients) - no extra charge
  3. Mottingham (for South London clients) - no extra charge
  4. City of London (for London clients) - £30 extra charge for therapy room rent


Because it works with subconscious mind and seeks the root cause of the issue and endeavours to uproot it. Therefore the results are quicker and effective. Other modalities take a very long time to resolve issues and the results may not be always quicker.

Haz therapy combines the best of all modalities and applies the best principles in the therapy and also incorporates Spirituality and Ancient Eastern wisdom. Spirituality has solutions for all our problems. Human being is a combination of multiple factors. If you have an issue, it may not be due to one cause. There may be several causes behind. Haz therapy endeavours to unravel the mystery of your issue and provide you a whole and holistic solutions that would last forever and that will impact positively not only your life but also the life of your loved ones and the society at large.

From time to time Haz Therapy advertises giving free sessions to young people and to those who can't afford it. Free sessions are provided in return for Google reviews and Video testimonials that are advertised in the website and. YouTube. Apply by email to info@haztherapy.com with subject: Free session request, stating why you would like to avail a free session. These are only subject to availability and acceptance of your application.

While Haz Therapy makes no promises, makes no guarantees, our success rates have been around 90%. Only in some cases, it can take longer. If the client is committed, and willing not to give up, the results will definitely come. There are clients who are committed and willing to work hard and see results. There are clients who give up very soon, not showing much commitment. They are not so serious to change their lives. In some cases, there could hidden benefits for client to keep the problems subconsciously or in some cases there could be a lot of control / resistance issues - these issues could delay the healing process.

The change varies from person to person, from condition to condition. It is influenced by various factors.

Read this quote from Robin Sharma's book: The Greatness Guide:

The space shuttle uses more fuel during the first few minutes after liftoff than it consumes during its entire trip around the globe. Why? Because, initially, it needs to overcome the tremendous pull of gravity. But as it does—it gets easier to fly.

That’s a powerful thought to consider.

Personal change is a process that can be hardest at the beginning. It doesn’t happen in a day or even a week. It takes time to overcome the pull of your old habits.

But after four weeks from today your life could be so much better, if you choose. Always give yourself 30 days to install a new habit.

Most often, one cannot see results soon after therapy, but results can be subtle and can come after a while. However, if you do not complete the required number of sessions, and if you drop out of therapy half way through without consulting with the therapist, then you may not see results. In my experience, I have seen some clients who are not serious, not keen to complete the therapy, not willing to do the home work, not being dedicated to do it, not having patience, (they want quick fixes) and so on. Then obviously, you will not see results.

Also, consumption of alcohol, using drugs, medications will interfere with therapy.

The minimum package you will need to book is 6 sessions in one time payment. As we recognise there is no point booking one session and then leave it. It will be waste of time for you and the therapist. This amount is non-refundable once booked irrespective of whether or not you have taken all 6 sessions. We have done this because we note some clients agree to undergo therapy but quit after one or two sessions, which is of no use to anyone.

  1. I am trained in various modalities, and have 30 years of experience in spirituality, experimented with my life, transcended my own traumas, continuously working on my own healing and have experience in helping people to grow mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.
  2. I am not dogmatic, rigid or judgmental. I treat my clients with love and compassion
  3. I don't make promises of quick fixes or answers
  4. I genuinely respect you as a human being and care for your recovery and growth
  5. Yet I am firm enough to push you to do your own work of recovery
  6. I passionately meet some of your required needs during the session– listening, mirroring, echoing, safety, respect, understanding and accepting your feelings
  7. I encourage and help you learn to find ways outside therapy session to get your needs met in a healthy way.
  8. I have carried out 35 years of healing work, learning and wisdom and also worked with a Psychic for my own spiritual development.
  9. I make you feel safe and comfortable in the sessions. Clients immediately notice my positive energy.
  10. I ask you to provide feedback after each session giving you an opportunity to express your feelings and any concerns. I monitor your progress session by session ensuring that you are making progress.

Healing is a deeply personal and unique journey. There is no one-size-fits-all timeline or fixed deadline for it. It is not like a rat race where you must reach the finish line by a certain date. It is like a beautiful journey where each step you take is a victory.

Think of it like planting a seed and nurturing it into a thriving garden. You can’t rush the growth of a plant. It needs time to put down roots, grow leaves, and eventually bear flowers and fruits. Similarly, your inner child needs time to heal, grow and blossom.

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