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About our habits

Habits respond very easily to hypnotic intervention, even semi-addictive habits like smoking cigarettes. Smoking is psychologically addictive –a habit.

That you feel relaxed after a cigarette is not true, but just a belief system. Cigarettes are just habit forming not addictive.

Some habits difficult to change

1.       Inability to change to healthy diets – weight loss problem

2.       Eating same food – tea with sugar

3.       Women are not intelligent than men

4.       Black president is not possible

5.       Poverty at childhood – wealth not familiar

6.       Not loved as a child – love not familiar

7.       Not used to be financially wise – so if you win lottery, soon you will spend and lose all of it /

8.       For wealthy children it is easy to make wealth, that is why rich become richer, poor the poorer

Unhelpful beliefs – replacement

  1. I am not good enough
  2. I am not lovable
  3. I don’t get what I want
  4. I am different, I can’t connect

These are deeply embedded in our subconscious minds. Hypnotherapy helps to removes these and replace them with helpful beliefs

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