Therapy for Anger in London

About Anger

Anger is essential for survival to defend against physical attack. Where required the child needs to learn to be assertive. It is an important feeling and it is there to protect you. Anger becomes dangerous only when it is not allowed to be expressed and so pent-up, unexpressed anger becomes rage or outrage. Not expressing anger can cause as many problems as expressing it too much.

It is allowing oneself to be made angry that hurts the heart – resulting in the heart attack. When angry – the fight and flight mechanism is triggered, causing stress – releasing stress hormones, heart rate and blood pressure, cholesterol going up. When this process is repeated, then the arteries get clogged cholesterol causing heart attack.

Therapy enables you to learn the roots of your anger issues, understand its origins, and then finally to release you from its shackles. You will learn to handle your anger appropriately and use it to your advantage, and express it and release it.

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