Therapy for Depression in London

About Depression

Depressed people usually feel helpless, hopeless, useless, worthless and empty, lack in self-esteem. They often feel that they don’t deserve help and believe that will never get better. They don’t take treatment, can’t see a solution and have no motivation to take care of themselves,

They don’t feel at all lovable. They feel they are just a burden. They filter out all good and focus on all negative until they only see, think, feel and talk about what is bad about them. They feel no one understands them, feel isolated, don’t feel the sense of connection

The most common cause of adult depression is not what is happening in the present but because as a child, they did not learn in their relationship with their parents how they can be soothed. Their needs were not met.

It is also because of one did not learn to know about themselves and their talents and passions. Therapy helps you to identify your passion and use it to live a fulfilling life.

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