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M Khan, Doha, Qatar

Camelia, London

Leyla, Spain

Nidhin, Dubai

Louisa, London

Donna, Essex

I got to a point in my life where i couldn’t continue how i was i knew i had a lot of past trauma, i have had many therapy sessions trying to understand it all , I’ve talked until the cows came home but i wanted something different this time , i wanted a therapist who would give me the tools not just listen to me pouring my heart out, i needed to understand me and all the effects my past has had on me and how its effecting me living my life now because i don’t feel normal , i didn’t feel i couldn’t function day to day, my relationships was being affected , i didn’t trust my own judgements anymore , crippled with anxiety i knew i had to find the right therapist for me and that’s when i found Haz , i remembered it was a Saturday night and thought no one will reply but I’m going to send many emails and see what happens within mins Haz had replied even on a Saturday , asking when are you free to chat , i replied whenever best for you , he said in 15 mins ! i was amazed it was the weekend and this promptness has continued all throughout my therapy with Haz it truly has been a different class of service from a therapist, we spoke and straight away i felt at ease and knew he was the perfect counsellor for me , i was ready and wanted the help to change my life , I decided to keep a journal of this journey so i could look back and also  see in black and white what i had learnt throughout this process, my first homework i couldn’t wait to get started once i started writing i felt i couldn’t stop , im not sure Haz realised the volume of work i was about to be handing him , this was a massive eye opener for me i didn’t expect to see what i see when i finished writing about all of my experiences and the lessons i had learnt , but because i could really think about each experience and write this down i see clearly the patterns i had been creating with everyone that touched my life , Haz helped me explore this more deeply and any questions i had to try and understand he was always there to help me , with this understandings it helped me start to piece together all the puzzles which had been left all these years.
During my sessions i felt Haz listened to me i knew he had read every piece of homework i completed and this reflected in the our next session , i wasn’t just writing it to get things off my chest it was a process he helped me understand in more detail, the homework i was given defiantly made me dig deeper into my past feelings and events that had happened to me , some i had even forgotten about but once i see the patterns and beliefs i had created things started to make sense , i felt like i was getting somewhere and this really spurred me on , if ever i had any doubts or days of serious anxiety Haz was there to help me think and make sense of things i can honestly say i have never experienced this kind of commitment from a therapist , i wasn’t just a number he generally does care about helping you, he doesn’t just tell you the answers he works and helps you unfold the answers yourself , because this way of learning has far greater impact than someone telling you what they think, through this style i have learnt to slowly start trusting my own instincts again,

Claire, UK

Haz!!! Wow! The therapists therapist!

So why have I chosen to invest in Haz…. He’s a therapist that is getting amazing reviews, he has trained in RTT and uses other spiritual and mindfulness tools around this to treat a person holistically: emotionally, behaviourally, mentally and spiritually. He is an earth angel that I have turned to when the process of becoming a therapist has triggered stuff in me- trauma that was too big to rationalise and that only a spiritual approach can allow a reframe, not only this he is someone that I can turn to when I want to discuss how to prepare for a customer to understand their presenting problems from a holistic perspective to add an extra quality and depth to my sessions and someone I go to gain essential knowledge on parenting so I become the change maker and stop inter-generational trauma! (I have 3 young kids). He has wisdom coming out of his pores, He’s a beautiful knowledgable soul and i can feel his investment in me. He uses a beautiful blend of theory and practical tools that I can implement in my life and in my business.. Because of Haz I am a better therapist, mother and wife… Everybody needs a Haz!! Thank you Haz.

Diane, Abbey Wood

“I would like to recommend Haz. Pre lockdown he came to my home to try hypnotherapy. He is a lovely man who has a calming nature. Just with a couple of sessions he highlighted a number of areas that were of concern and showed me what I needed to do to help myself. These sessions were eye opening and left me feeling calmer and more in control. When Haz is with you it is quality time not someone looking at the clock for his next session. Haz is always there for me, at the end of the phone, text or WhatsApp.
I am very grateful for all the support Haz has provided and will continue to do so. I look forward to seeing him once social distancing has been relaxed.
Please contact Haz if things are getting on top of you or simply you need some guidance.”

Walter, Nigeria

“Thank you very much for your inspirational teachings and words which have not only just renewed my ways of living but have impacted a greater sense of sensibility in me as well as my family.
For the success achieved so far working with your guidance we say thank you very much and we really appreciate.
We hope others who have similar issues would have a great deal of knowing their way out through the teachings and following your advice.”

Michelle, Kent UK

“I found Haz Therapy on the Google site due because I could not afford taking my son to a therapist because it is so expensive an being a single mom with a child becomes tough at some point, speaking to Haz has brought a lot of calmness to my 7 year old becasue Haz has given such amazing advice.. I will always have Haz on my e-mail speed dial, Thank you very much for all your advice and keeping in contact when I become quiet… You are one amazing person who loves what you do.. “

Meenakshi, India

“Email parental guidance from you came as a great help to me. My background is also psychiatric nursing. So I was actually not comfortable with my decision. Your advice came as great value addition n help in emotional crisis.”

Drishya, India

“After just a couple of email guidance from Haz made me to change myself and as a result my baby has become smart and good. Now he got nicer than before, not fully of course. I know, he is small and children will make problems in such ages.
I am sure, one day He will become a good boy. He started to eat vegetables, good food (along with chocolate, he likes too much).Then he likes drawing & I sit along with him to draw something on book. He will sing nice songs & dances well and he like stories too. He Started to uses cycle and spends much time on it.
Thank you so much for your mental support.”

Arif, London

“I met Haz by chance having read a flyer in my office building. I was going through a difficult time and thought why not. I wasn’t expecting much if I’m honest.
Haz kindly invited me to his home and gave me support and time which was incredibly useful. He helped me counter some of the most difficult moments of my life… and overcome them.
I would recommend Haz highly and I’ve tried other psychotherapists as well. He was by far the best.”

Alex, London

“The sessions I had with Haz completely reduced my anxiety and made me see things in a different way. Changing my life and having a positive outlook on life during tough times. Thank you Haz!”

Sheikh, London

“Haz is a very warm and kind person really dedicated to tackling the root cause of problem by his highly effective hypnotherapy skills. He easily connected to my subconscious mind and made me self-aware of my deeply rooted unresolved issues and the cause of my pain.
His compassion itself will heal half of the client’s problem and rest by his hypnotherapist skills.
Haz also gave me self-motivational audios and meditative techniques to soothe my anxiety and remove my fears . His also recommend some life-changing books to read in my spare time so I can spend my free time constructively.
His sessions were very eye opening and I was surprised to know how I was blocked in my vision. I strongly recommend everyone to see him no matter what situation you are in just to feel the thrill of the possibility of positive life-transformation.”

Shanique, Jamaica

“I have been suffering from anxiety and could not afford to pay for the sessions. Then I found Haz from the internet and contacted him for help. He promptly responded and extended his help. Just after first conversation itself I began to feel better. I felt so different talking to Haz and very positive. I really appreciate his help that he gave me anticipating nothing. Thank you Haz.”

Samir, Agartala – India

“I was in the horns of dilemma…. suddenly covid-19 started community spreading…as I am diabetes mellitus type 2 ..my confidence gone very low…..I was apprehending the virus may sneak in my too…so it was really a tense time….but after one session with Haz therapy….I have started gaining my confidence….it was a real tuning point….now I am improving my confidence towards any sort of adversity…thanks to Haz therapy…..”


“My sessions with Haz helped me identify what issues I was facing and really helped me calm any anxieties I had. Haz’s hypnotherapy worked well to relax me and the personalised audio he gave meant that I could take a step back and listen to it at any time. After my sessions I’m more aware of who I am and what I need and I am very grateful to him for that”

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