Parenting tips

If I have the power to communicate with the whole world, one message I want get across every parent, every community, every school, every nation, every president or prime minister is this. Please never underestimate your power to make or break the life of your child. Because all of you have influence the life of every child, and thereby influence their lives, and thereby change the society and thereby change the world.

A child is like blank slate on which you can write the child’s life story. Without much going about this, I want to share some basic parenting tips which can bring significant changes in the life of the child and the world.

First things first. The starting point is love. Love, love and love only. For the child to feel secure, to feel attached, to bond with you, to learn to love, to learn to reciprocate love, to grow, to survive, the child needs love and caring. This is not negotiable.

Next is the caring and nurturing. Care for your child consistently. Fulfil their needs both their biological and emotional needs consistently. For the child to grow into a caring person, the child needs to be cared for.

Provide a positive environment around the child. Never forget that a child is like a sponge and keeps absorbing information all around them. Child can absorb both negative and positive information. What do you want the child to learn. Just do it yourself. For example, if you want your child to be loving, be a loving spouse yourself. Then your child can grow to be a loving spouse. if you keep squabbling with your family members, having friction with them, if you are being negative in your interactions, that is what the child is going to pick.

Be compassionate with your child. Be with them when they are upset. Teach them to handle their emotions. Take their upset and be their container. Containment is a key aspect on how to deal with emotions. When they learn to handle their emotions well, they grow up into a wise person who can deal with any emotion easily without impacting their and other’s lives. Don’t you see the violence in the world? It is all because one is not able to handle their emotions and they take it out on others.

Teach them good values. What is important in life? Money, materials, jobs, properties, status, luxuries, fame ……..? What do you think will give true happiness? Where do you think happiness comes from? From outside stuff or from deep within?

Be like a friend to your child. For them to listen to you, listen to them first. Respect them as a person. Connect with them. Without this connection, you will never develop a healthy relationship with your child and your child will not be able to develop a healthy relationship when they grow to be adults.

Be careful with your words. Words are powerful. Everything you utter is going to be taken seriously by the child. Your words repeated consistently can seep into the child’s subconscious mind and become deep-rooted. Once deep rooted, they become beliefs. These beliefs run their lives. And then it is very hard to change them. Familiar with the things and habits you want to change and cannot?

Many parents seek help from me when it is too late. The things you can do from the very beginning of your child’s life are so simple and easy to do, only if you learn how to do it. Growing a child is like building a house from the very foundation and brick by brick. When the foundation is weak and the bricks are not placed and adhered properly, the building will invariably going to crumble and fall.

Don’t ignore this task of caring the child. You can be the architect of their lives. You can contribute to a positive world and make this world a better place. For more information and help, please contact me. I am more than willing to help.

Why is positive parenting important?

The best gift for your child

Every therapist knows the answer to this question. Because most of our problems have roots in our childhood and the type of parenting we have had. If you were lucky enough and have had a good parenting, you would grow into an adult with few mental health issues.

When a client comes to a therapist with any issue, the root of the problem is invariably in the past events that had occurred in your childhood. More than 90 percent of our mental health issues have taken roots from the time you are in your mother’s womb until the age of around 15. Yes it is right.

New computer

When a baby is born, it is like a new computer you bought from the store. It comes with basic software in order that you can switch it on and begin to download new applications. Same way we are born with some natural survival instincts such as to feel hungry, to find mothers breasts, to cry and so on.

All the rest are gradually programmed into the baby’s brain just as you would download necessary applications such as microsoft word, excel etc. into your personal computer.

How is the baby’s brain programmed? It depends on the environment it is growing with: the parents, the carers, the family, the larger family, the school, the teachers, the peers, the friends, the TV, the news, the social media and so on.

So by now you know the significance of parenting and the influence you have on the life of your child.

The problem is that the baby absorbs everything that is happening around whether good or bad. As a parent, you have a huge responsibility to ensure your child is exposed to right kind of experiences.

The best gift

So the best gift you can give to your child is to learn how to be a good parent and to practice what you learn.

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Undesirable habits

Many of us develop habits during the course of our lives. Some are desirable and some are not. Say, habits such as smoking, binge drinking, gambling, womanising, procrastinating, worrying, not doing anything and so on to name a few.

No wonder in the deepest of your own self, you are not happy about the undesirable habits. May be you know that they are not benefiting you. And you genuinely want to change them, but you can’t! Why? Can you guess?

Subconscious mind

Human mind is designed to store information, to store the tasks that are to be repeated in future. Any task that is repeated certain number of times get templated and stored in our mind for future use to reduce the memory capacity of the brain to be used at a certain point of time. It is same the RAM of your computer.

Your subconscious mind stores tasks that you have repeated many times, so that it becomes automatic to save the hassle of learning it again and again. Suppose you are learning car driving. In the beginning it looks very difficult as you have to consciously remember every step. Once you have had a number of driving lessons, the driving task gets templated into your brain. Once you repeated all required manoeuvres certain number of times, you pass the driving test and it gets templated into your brain and next time you drive the car, you don’t need to consciously remember the process. It becomes automatic for you!

In the same way, your good and bad habits get templated into your subconscious mind. Once they get into your subconscious mind, it becomes very hard to remove them. Only a therapist who can work with your subconscious mind using hypnosis can help you.

Get help

If due to poor parenting experiences or due to poor peer group influence, you have developed some undesirable habits, and you are unable to get rid of them, please get professional help.

Contact for help and guidance and make your life meaningful.

Importance of your relationships

It is a pity that most of us are fed up of the stressful relationships in our lives. We have constant friction with our spouses, our children, our colleagues and our family members. Everybody is trying to run away from one another. Husband is trying to run away from wife and wife from husband. The employee gets fed up with the boss and is looking for greener pastures. The parent is getting frustrated with his or her child for not ‘listening’ to them and so on.


We are all therefore trying to run away from one another or from one experience to another not knowing that the secret to our personal and spiritual growth lies in hanging on to the relationships despite conflict and friction, not knowing that conflict and challenges are just the seeds of our own development that can bear wonderful fruits providing you understand the secrets of the purpose and meaning of the conflict and be patient with it.

Don’t run away

So don’t run away. Hang on there. Be patient. See the meaning and purpose behind every conflict. Soon you will see wonderful results.

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